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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Seoul Searching

This September, Joey and I are indeed going to Korea to have our authentic Bibimbap and Beef Bulgogi lunch, then have coffee at the actual coffee shop used in Coffee Prince then end the afternoon with a cruise at Han River. At night, we will go to Nami Island, the site of the famous Winter Love Song telenovela.

It sounds so surreal and like some made-up stories but its not. My boss had just given me a free trip to Korea for some R&R with my husband as a birthday gift!

The weeks before my birthday (August 30) had been so hectic because of our transfer to our new home at Manhattan. I told everyone that my birthay celebration will be on the 6th of September instead and it will be at the new condo.

But then, surprises just kept on coming my way...

1st Joey gave me an LV bag -- my greatest bag ever!

2nd, my team gave me a surprise birthday celebration on the 28th of August. They came up with the concept of everything KOREAN. So, they all dressed up as characters from various Korean movies and telenovelas I've seen. I have to guess which movie they represent then I get a chocolate for every correct guess I made. Then they gave me this really delicious chocolate cake after singing happy birthday.

3rd, they had a 2nd surprise on the same day by making me find clues and answer questions from different people in the office. Of course, being stratregic planners, its still all under the Korean theme. I got to collect pictures from various Korean telenovelas when I answered the questions correctly. Finally, it all led to the brainstorming room where Lynne, my boss was waiting. They docorated it in Korean theme with a wish tree containing various birthday wishes from different people in the company. And they prepared gifts with meaning which they gave me one-by-one.

4th, the surprise didn't end there. They made me form the puzzle at the back of the Korean pictures I got. What I saw is a bigger picture of a girl in Korean costume and the last question asking where can I enjoy great Korean food and the sights of Korea. The answer is Korea of course. Then my boss said she is giving me and Joey a trip to Korea as a gift! I got so overwhelmed it filled-up my heart to the brim and welled up in my eyes.

Lastly, we had the most sumptuous Korean lunch in the office! They ordered everything from a Korean restautant at Thonglor and its really delicious.

And so we are off to Korea for some R&R. I think our "Seoul Searching" will be worth the trip.

To be grateful for: All kinds of surprises -- big or small.


Monday, September 15, 2008

The Brain Factory

I consider my Strategic and Account Planning team as the BRAIN FACTORY in our company. Work can get crazy that we can have as many as 8 brainstorming sessions in a day and write as many as 85 proposals in a month! The creative juices just have to keep on flowing as we can't just say NO, we won't do it.

And yet despite of all these insanity, this is one job that keeps my sanity. Every proposal released is a masterpiece and well-thought off. And it is such a rewarding experience when it gets approved and then we get to see our ideas implemented.

My Thai and Filipino teams are my treasures in the office. I found real diamonds in them. Here they are in an artwork rendered by Kam.

From top left, going right then down to left: Jane, Lara, Andrew, Fon, Kam, Pid, Kat and Vi.

Meet the Brain Factory!

To be grateful for: Finding skills and talents in people and having the chance to hone them.

A team that really works together.

A creative working environment.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The LVoe Bag

Today I had the surprise of my life. Joey got me a Louis Vuitton Ellipse MM bag for my birthday! I never buy one for myself because designer bags are so expensive for me. But its a gift! Who can say NO to that? Thank God for husbands like him :-)

We took photos but the SD card slot I know how to use has been packed (we're transferring condo next week) and I dont know how to use the one in my laptop :-(. So, I got this from the LV site instead.

Isn't she a beauty? I love it so much because its exactly my style. I like bags with unusual shapes and spacious. I feel like a... (as Thais would say) hi-so girl.

I just have to share this news because its my first ever and this might never happen again! He said he's been contemplating of getting me an i-Touch and I'm so glad he didn't because I don't want that! Getting this LV bag really gave him a lot of pogi (handsome) points he he he.

So, should I use it or display it? Nyahahhaha...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Life at Manhattan

By September 1, 2008, Joey and I will transfer to our new 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condominium at Manhattan Chidlom here in Bangkok. For us, its just so beautiful and we are overly ecstatic about it.

The building is less than a year old and we are the 1st tenants!

Here's a glimpse.

The past weeks kept us busy putting stuff in boxes as we prepare to move in on the 30th of August which is my birthday.

Our company has transferred to a new location and we found it necesary to move somewhere nearer my place of work.

Security is very tight at Manhattan plus its near all the malls and shopping places which Joey likes a lot.

We will miss Baan Somthavil a lot. We stayed there for almost 4 years and I will really leave with a heavy heart. But, the prospect of staying at the 20th floor of Manhattan Chidlom soon is also worth looking forward to.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Whew! I'm Back!

It's been a long time since I last updated my blog and I am sure some of my blog visitors are wondering what the hell happened to me!

I panicked a few days back when I tried updating this blog because I can't log in. Though I am a non-techie, I tried figuring out how, while controlling myself from running to my husband for help (pride). And I did it!

For the next few days, I shall pick up where I left. Hmmm... and that will be more than 2 years after the wedding! Nyahahhhaa!

The good thing is that there will be lots of stories to tell.

And by the way, I already got the wedding photos from Terry Uy. Again, 2 years after :-)

Till my next posts...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Once upon a wedding...and Europe!

I have posted some photos from the wedding and our European honeymon trip. Click: wedding preps and Italy, Switzerland or France.

The wedding photos are just the preparation part. Still have to upload the others. I am doing the lay-outing myself that is why it is taking a long time.

Just keep on visiting my blog when you have the time!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Still on Sabbatical

I know, I know. I haven't posted anything on my blog for a loooong time. I still owe the wedding review to lots of people... arrrghh! Honestly, I had started it but I put it on hold first (it's a review worth reading, promise). There's just too much work in the office! Aside from PINQ, I was also asked to lead our Healthcare Marketing company called Quantum. Plus, be in charge of training our new hirees. And then of course I have a husband to take care of.

But Joey has been my angel in all of this. He now got a consulatncy job in one of our companies. And boy, my Boss does like him a lot (more than me hehhee). So, I guess we will be staying in Bangkok for awhile. Joey has taken good care of me the past months after the wedding. I can say that being married is a worthwhile and one of the best decisions you can make specially when you ended up with THE ONE. My husband just loves me so much! And he spoils me a lot (which I like). At the end of a tiring day, it is so rewarding to come home to a husband who is so glad to see me home and would even love to give me foot massage :-)

I, myself, has been a good wifey too (yeheey). I find myself more calm and easier to deal with (di na masungit). Joey just makes my day everyday. He is really very nice and kind and very very loving.

I will definirely finish my Supplier's review. But I will try to post some stories in between. No baby stories for now as we do not have any plans this year. Maybe next year? I will definitely keep you posted.